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Little River Casino Custom Happy Birthday Cake Blinkee Light Pin

One day in 2014 there was a simple message in our email from a chat session we had missed:

Looking at a quote for 30,000 of these with one color logo on them

We weren’t really sure what “these” were — what they were talking about. The message was from Mary at lrcr.com. LRCR? Hmm…

But then an email came from Mary as well. She was asking about our Birthday Cake Blinky lights with the Little River Casino Resort logo.

First question: When will you need them by please Mary?

“No Rush”

Awesome! A 30,000 custom blinkee order out of the blue with no time limit. But we really had to offer a fantastic price on them.


But….. Mary was concerned that a nearby casino already had a pin like ours with their logo and wanted a different one. We asked her to send us their logo and came up with these designs. Not the greatest, but I’m a self taught graphic artist and I’ve gotten much better since way back then.

But although Mary actually said she loved it, she got her graphics guy to come up with this design instead:


Not only did they order 30,000, they also reordered 20,000 and other blinkees too.

Such as:

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Little River Casino Custom Happy Birthday Cake Blinkee Light Pin

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