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Custom Minox Camera Blinky Pin

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It started with a simple question in one of our missed chats on blinkee.com:

Trish G

Subject: new style?


Have you ever considered doing a camera blinky? I can’t find one anywhere. Looking to buy for our photo convention in January. Thanks!

We replied:

Hi Trish,

We don’t carry a camera blinkee, no, but we can custom make for you if you need at least 500.

How does that sound?

Please indulge me because I’m really getting a kick out of reading her response, and this exchange will illustrate how easy we make the process:

Hi Matt,

Oh very cool! Yes I would be interested…what would the price per be?
And what kind of lead time would you need?

Also how would you design? Could I help select the style?

Once I have this info I can run it by the board and see if they approve
to go ahead. This is for PPA Charities (Professional Photographers of America)
that we would sell to help raise funds.

Thanks so much!

Yes, you do Trish. In fact you have complete control over the design. We can customize, shape, color, artwork light color and placement, clasp type and we can even add a necklace.

Ok that sounds great!

I have a board meeting next Monday so I will present this and then let you know
if we are going to go ahead.


Time passes…

Hey Matt,

Long time no email but we would like to go ahead and get the custom camera blinkie!!!

We had our board meeting this week and all agreed it would be great to have at convention
and were able to go ahead and approve the budget.

So where do we go from here? Do I supply you with and image for a starting point in the
camera design? What do you need from me?

Let me know, we are excited to do this, thanks!!!!


So we sent her some open royalty free artwork to choose from.

Yes the 3rd one, the Diana with the blue top and flash. That style will work nicely I think.
So will you do a likeness? I think it should be black and white, but if color makes sense in the design let’s add red. And we’ll need to change the Diana to read something else, maybe just camera? 
Which one Trish?

Hi Matt,

I’m back and I’ve attached the photo that I think would be the best choice
for the blinkie pin.

Could you remove the lettering on the top and front as well
as the red sticker? Thanks!

Obviously the flashy blinkie part should come from the flash.

What’s the next step?


Next we created camera ready vector art from her selection and offered to add a logo to the artwork.

Hi Matt,

I think I like it just plain…

You had mentioned a 500 minimum, so we will go with that.

Would love to get them before Christmas if possible, our
convention is the second week in January, but want to be ahead
of things as it gets nuts!

Our executive director has to make the purchase, so will you be able
to send a link to order and pay that I can forward to him?


We sent a payment link and waited. And waited:

Hi Trish,

Wanted to check in if you are still interested in having the custom camera pin made.

If so and you want them by Christmas, we must start soon.

What do you think?

Then before long we got paid and got it made.


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Custom Minox Camera Blinky Pin

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