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Standard Custom Blinkee Pricing

  • The standard size for custom Blinkees is up to 1.5 inches square.
  • The standard number of LEDs for custom Blinkees is five (5) LEDs.
  • The standard colors are red, green, orange, and yellow LEDs.
  • The standard clasp is a Military Clutch Butterfly Pinback.

Shipping included for quantities up to 4999 pcs.

100 pcs: $3.99 ea.
250 pcs: $2.79 ea.
500 pcs: $1.89 ea.
1,000 pcs: $1.34 ea.
1,500 pcs: $1.24 ea.
2,000 pcs: $1.14 ea.
3,000 pcs: $0.99 ea.
4,000 pcs: $0.94 ea.
Shipping will be calculated at the time of order for 5,00050,000 pcs.
5,000 pcs: $0.89 ea.
10,000 pcs: $0.75 ea.
30,000 pcs: $0.65 ea.
50,000 pcs: $0.60 ea.(ship by sea)

Additional Options & Pricing

  • White, blue, purple, orange, pink or jade (dark green) LEDs are considered premium color LEDs. Add .07¢ per premium color led per Blinkee.
  • For custom Blinkees with 6 or 7 LEDs please add .07¢ per Blinkee plus .05¢ each for standard color LEDs and .07¢ each for premium color leds.
  • For custom Blinkees with 8 to 12 LEDs please add an additional .07¢ per Blinkee plus .05¢ each for standard color LEDs and .07¢ each for premium color LEDs.
  • For custom Blinkees with magnet clasp please add .20¢ per Blinkee.
  • Custom Blinkees larger than 35 MM will be priced on a case by case basis.

The above prices are not accurate for a few Blinkee configurations and will have to be evaluated on a case by case basis.

If needed Blinkee.com will provide a working sample 2-3 weeks after price and artwork is finalized. 3-5 weeks after sample is received and approved finished product will be delivered. Production time is cut in half when a physical sample is not needed – in that case a virtual sample in the form of a digital photo of a working sample will be provided.

For best results artwork should be 300 dpi PDF or EPS file, or jpeg file but Magic Matt can work with other formats if needed. Magic Matt won’t open any attachments from you unless we are expecting artwork.

Payment Terms:

Once artwork is finalized and approved a sample can be produced. A payment of $100.00 is required to produce the sample.

$50.00 of the $100.00 will go towards the final purchase price of the custom blinky unless the buyer declines to purchase 100 or more of the custom blinky. In that case the $100.00 will be forfeit. The sample will be redone if not according to the approved design.

Once the sample is received and approved full payment is required to begin production of the full order of custom blinkys.

For orders over $2000.00 a cashiers check, wire transfer or western union may be required. A company check is possible with proper credit references.