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Once you are ready for the ultimate promotional logo prop, there are some simple steps we take to put a finished custom pin on your chest:

Obtain your logo or artwork

Vector format is best, but we can usually transform all formats to high resolution vector formats if all you’ve got are low resolution images.
If you don’t have something prepared then we can help. Just give us your idea and we will help with a design. We include an hour or so of artwork creation and management with every blinkee project.

Create a LED design for the blinkee

We will determine, size, shape, number and color of lights, Pantone color values, type of light effects, and type of clasp.

With consultation from you, we will design and provide a blinkee that is just right for your logo or event. Every custom blinkee client receives a PDF copy of print artwork and an LED diagram as well as a “virtual sample” of their blinkee in the form of an animated GIF.

Provide written price quotation

Our prices are some of the most competitive available. We will offer a price quote based on the LED design agreed upon.

Determine “In-Hands” deadline

Most custom blinkee lights are for use at a gala or event and we will assure and on time delivery.

Provide detailed invoice with all specifications of the custom blinkee

Process payment.

Custom blinkees require pre-payment before initiation of an order.

Initiate production

We will coordinate with our overseas production facility to begin your blinkee project. Blinkees are essentially a silkscreened printed circuit board with LEDs installed and a battery housing manufactured on the back. The printed circuit board material is a composite of fiberglass and steel. The battery housing is a PCB plastic.

Assure timely production and on-time delivery.

We will stay in constant contact with our production facility to monitor the manufacture process and door to door delivery execution.

Here is an example of one of our most prestigious projects.