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Mercedes Benz Custom Flashing Blinky Pin Animation
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Mercedes Benz Flashing Custom Lapel Pin LED Diagram   In 2011 we received a call from Mercedes-Benz of Colorado Springs. They ended up ordering 1000 Custom Mercedes Logo Pins and they have reordered several times over...
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Macy's Custom Flashing Red Star Blinky Light Pin Flashing red star with five red LED's for client Macy's. This particular blinky light pin uses a magnet clasp like on the pin below: Example of Blinky Pin...
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It started with a simple question in one of our missed chats on blinkee.com: Trish G Subject: new style? Message: Have you ever considered doing a camera blinky? I can't find one anywhere. Looking to buy for our...
Client: John Doe - Marketing Guru

Excellent freelancer. Fast worker and knows what he's doing and his communication is very clear. Product was delivered in great shape.

If you are looking for a flashing custom lapel pin, light up cheap lapel pins or LED custom pins then we can help. We've created flashing blinky light pins for many of the greatest companies in the world. We start with your logo, design or just an idea and we make it a reality. If you don't have ready artwork, we will help create a solid design. We can customize just about every feature of your pin from size, shape, color, design, light color and placement, and even the type of clasp. Choose from military clutch lapel pin, safety pin, magnet or even alligator clip clasp. Production is three to six weeks for fully customized pins, but our stock pin collection can be imprinted in as few as 3-5 business days. Our custom lapel pins are made of printed circuit board material which is a fiberglass and steel composite. The circuit board is silcreened and cut to shape and the LEDs and microchip are embedded. Next the battery compartment is added to the back with 2 replaceable CR927 batteries. The pins are packaged individually in celophone or clamshell packaging is also available. An instruction and choking hazard warning insert is also included with each blinky pin and in fact can be customized with customer artwork.