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KP Information Security Custom Blinky Light

Our first order from Kaiser Permanente was in 2008. They wanted 500 “Hollywood Clapboard” blinky lights.

At the time it was a pretty popular pin, but we don’t sell many any more.



Next in 2010 Kaiser ordered 2000 of their first personalized blinky light from us. It was based on the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign” blinky pin we carry. This has been a very popular pin over the years and we have customized this one for several clients including this client, Kaiser Permanente and we even did some for Lance Burton the famous magician.

Then, as often happens, they changed the artwork.

We designed a very special LED schematic for the pin and since exact colors are often essential in the corporate world we made sure to learn the Pantone color requirements for the pin, which we are able to closely match.


Our blinky factory provided us with a technical diagram showing the LED positions, the size and the shape of the blinky. They use this drawing to produce the printed circuit board for the pins.


Kaiser liked it so much they ordered 5000 more the same year, and another 5000 the following year.

Then in 2012, Kaiser was back for more, but this time they offered me a challenge. They started with some pretty complex artwork.

Because of the complexity of the artwork I knew it would be expensive to produce as a blinky pin and when I told them as much they offered to simplify the artwork.

However they wanted the pin to be in the shape of a circle so…. A little photoshop magic….

“YES!” (The Kaiser buyer’s verbatim answer)

So next, I sent them a LED diagram proposal, which they also loved.

We went into production and we were able to deliver one week early.

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KP Information Security Custom Blinkee Light

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