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I’m not really a candy guy.

I have had times in my life where I ate more than a little bit of candy, but nowadays I can’t get away with it.


A Sweet Message

It sure was sweet to have this email waiting in my box one day in April 2018:

Name: Lynn Ochiltree
E-mail: lo***@***.com
Message: We own a soda fountain and ice cream parlor founded in 1910 and we would like to make a pin of our store front.

I like to get right to the point.

Hi Lynn,

Thanks, I’m happy to help. Do you have a store logo you would like to use for the pin?


Blinkee Beginnings

Thanks for getting back to me. I am going to send you three images. One will be our store frontage as depicted by an architect, one of the store with neons on at dust and one of our 1946 neon sign. Let us know if you could make any of these work. If you have questions or would like different images, please call or email. 
Lynn Ochiltree 

And We Have a Winner

Hi Lynn,
Thanks so much for the photos.
In my opinion the neon sign is the hands down winner.
What do you think of the attached pin I designed?

Ding Ding Ding!

We love it! Thanks for the sample. What would be the pricing? Lynn O


Give a Man a Fish and He Will Eat for a Day…

Hi Lynn,
Pricing is as follows:

The Plot Thickens

We are very interested in moving forward but we need the business name incorporated. Attached is a layout we were proposing for a coffee mug. Can this work? Thanks for all your help. Lynn O.

I’ll See What I Can Do

What do you think of what I’ve attached? Do you want to include the red outline?

Strike One

Matt, I like the outline but if you have a different idea, please give me your in put. We just think we should include the name of business and town. 
Any other thoughts or ideas. 

Pitched Right Down the Middle

Hi Lynn,
I think I found the answer.
Please see attached.


Matt you are amazing. We love it! We will discuss numbers and get back to you soon. How long does an order take to produce? Thanks so much! Lynn Ochiltree


Ironing Out the Details

Hi Lynn,
Thanks. The standard production and delivery time is 5 to 6 weeks. Or there’s a three week production and dellivery for an extra hundred dollars

By All Means

We would like to move forward with an order. Should I call you to finalize. 
Lynn O. 

Put it in Writing

Hi Lynn,
Please check out the attached diagram.
Please complete this form to get started:
Please let me know if there are any problems completing the form:

Skip the Slow Boat

Hi Lynn,

Thanks again for your order. I wanted to let you know the order is now en route to you:
Please keep an eye out and once you receive the lights, please give them a try.

A Bird in the Hand

Matt, the light-up pins arrived and we love then! Thanks for your efforts to get them produced. Hopefully we will need to reorder soon. Lynn Ochiltree

All’s Well that Ends Well

Hi Lynn,
Great, I’m happy to hear they turned out well. Yes, please let us know if you need more.


Dear Matt,
I wanted to let you know the Soda Sign Candy Kitchen Pins are a hit!
I gave you a shout out on our Facebook page and on our eBay listing.
I thought you’d appreciate knowing. Check it out!

Candy Kitchen, Wilton, Iowa Blinkee Pin | eBay


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